Carlos S. Odriozola

General Commercial, Bankruptcy, Arbitration and Company Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Litigation.

Julio E. Curutchet

Companies, Banking, Mining, Oil and Gas and Tax Law.

Juan M. Odriozola

Commercial, Companies and Bankruptcy Law. International transactions. Telecommunications Law (international transactions). Entertainment and Media (broadcasting). Family Businesses (agreements and/or protocols). Litigation.

Eduardo L. Vivot

Administrative, Biddings and Regulatory Frameworks, Labor, Company, Contracts, Procedural, Industrial Property and Mergers and Acquisitions Law.

Juan E. Curutchet

Commercial, Tax, Company, Banking, International Commerce and Mergers and Acquisitions Law.

Pedro M. Orsay

Labor, General Procedural and Civil Law.

Hernán Odriozola

Commercial and Company Law, Bankruptcy and Reorganizations, International Contracts, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Luis A. Marcó

Labor Law. Corporate Legal Advice. Telecommunications Law.

Pablo Crescimbeni

Business Law Counseling. Communications, Media, Technology, Entertainment.

Pablo G. de las Gradillas

General Procedural Law, Commercial, Civil, Administrative and Labor Law, Bankruptcy and Reorganizations.

Soledad Espasandin

Commercial, Company and Tax Law.

Cecilia E. Corvini

Procedural, Labor, Civil and Commercial Law.

Joaquín Odriozola

Commercial, Company and Trademarks Law.

Francisco López Lecube

Derecho Societario, Administrativo, Procesal General, Seguros y Reaseguros, Ambiental.