Corporate Law
We provide comprehensive consultancy services to national and international companies, in matters relating to constitution, operation, reorganization and restructuring of companies, shareholders’ agreements (acuerdos parasocietarios), transfer of capital stock, mergers and acquisitions, transfers of goodwill, spin-offs, corporate conflicts, and administrative proceedings before comptrolling bodies.
International Transactions
Our services include international commerce and transnational investments, technology transfer agreements, drafting of international sales contracts, franchising, agency, distribution, projects financing, and general foreign investments laws.
Reorganization and Bankruptcy Proceedings
We provide comprehensive advice and in- or out-of-court processing of insolvency matters and receiverships in insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings. Our law firm has been involved in different roles in the most important bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings of the country.
Comprehensive Consultancy Services for Companies
We coordinate our daily work with our clients’ legal departments, or else provide the required legal service to companies not having a specific legal division within their organizations.
We provide legal representation in public or private commercial, civil, family, labor, administrative and tax matters, and we have a broad network of correspondents in all and every Argentine province as well as in neighboring countries.
Arbitration and Alternate Methods of Disputes Resolution
We offer comprehensive services in these matters, whether as mediators, arbitrators or representatives for private parties, or else as members of different national and international arbitration and mediation centers, such as Cámara de Comercio Internacional -CCI- (International Chamber of Commerce), Centro de Mediación y Arbitraje Comercial de la Cámara Argentina de Comercio (Commercial Mediation and Arbitration Center of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce), Bolsa de Comercio de Bahía Blanca (Stock Exchange of the City of Bahía Blanca, Province of Buenos Aires), Comité Arbitral de la Cámara de Comercio de los Estados Unidos en la República Argentina (Arbitration Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Argentine Republic), Centro Empresarial de Mediación y Arbitraje de Buenos Aires (Mediation and Arbitration Business Center of Buenos Aires). Any one of our partners, in a given moment, shall act as arbitrator or legal representative for any party in arbitration proceedings.
Administrative Law
We advice on issues between individuals and government officers. We represent entities, whether in- or out-of-court. We carry out proceedings before the Argentine Central Bank, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Industry, National Customs Administration, Secretary of Transportation, Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Mining, Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development, AFSCA (Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communication Services), AFIP (Federal Public Revenue Administration), National Securities Commission, National Antitrust Commission, National Communications Commission and other federal, provincial and municipal agencies.
Tax Law
We advice companies, associations and private clients in matters relating to social security and tax law –including national, provincial and municipal taxes–, tax lawsuits against the State brought before the Argentine Tax Court, Federal Courts, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. We specially deal with tax litigations, including criminal tax cases. We also provide counsel on matters relating to free zone and industrial promotion laws and, particularly, on the transfer of, or participation in, companies which have been granted tax benefits by such regimes.
Labor Law
We advice companies on labor matters, such as drafting of employment contracts, granting of social benefits and retirement plans, negotiations with unions, processes or claims pending before the Ministry of Labor, the Servicio de Conciliación Laboral Obligatoria, SECLO (Service of Compulsory Labor Settlement) and  provincial agencies; and represent them in labor litigations.
We advice corporations in everything related to the application of Antitrust Law 25.156 and all required filings and presentations before the National Antitrust Commission.
Media, Communications, Entertainment Industry and Technology
As lawyers of publishing companies, TV channels, production companies and radios, our professional expertise in this sector has an extensive scope, and includes the representation of well-known artists and producers in local and international businesses.
Collection Proceedings
We carry out secured or unsecured credit recovery actions for banks, companies and individuals, out-of-court debt collections, foreclosures and pledge enforcements, clubs of creditors, debt refinancing agreements, summary proceedings and bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings.